Zeus slots review — biggest winnings, bonus features, and real money game
Modern civilization is built on the ancient Greece base; it has inspired filmmakers, musicians and even online slots creators. WMS Gaming released the famous 5-reel Zeus free pokie, in 2014. It immerses you in the atmosphere of the legendary Greek myth of Zeus, has 30 pay lines at once and allows you to win up to 500 times your initial bet.
WMS Gaming has a long history known among gamblers for its innovative approaches to pay line formation and exciting storylines. One of them was the story of Zeus’ conquest of Olympus.
How to play Zeus slot for real money
Zeus slot is a video slot with 5 reels and 3 rows, 30 pay lines. The player can set their number of active lines and stake size. In the slot, operate wild and scatter symbols. They involve starting the bonus feature of the machine. Typical icons in winning combinations increase the amount bet in the multiplier range from 4 to 500.
The higher the multiplier for a symbol and the more identical symbols in a line, the more the Zeus game fan wins. The amount of winnings also increases the size of the bet. The higher the denomination you set the coins in the stake, the higher the amount of money you get when you hit a winning combination.
Explore the pay lines and payout frequency on the Zeus slot and play along with your winnings.
Zeus symbols and combinations
Zeus slot machine is all about the god’s conquest of the mythical and famous Mount Olympus. The whole game is built around the symbols that tell us about the culture of ancient Greece. Above the rotating drums, we see the blue sky’s image, the mountain and Zeus himself. The reels are filled with the usual symbols with different multipliers in a winning combination and unique icons.
Zeus online symbols without special features range from the least profitable to the most profitable:

  • laurel wreath — 3 symbols — multiplier x5, 4 symbols — x50, 5 symbols — x150;
  • gold and silver coins — x15, x75, and x300 on a roll of 3 to 5 of the same symbol respectively;
  • harp (lyre) and ancient Greek vase — x20, x100, x250 on a roll of 3 to 5 of the same symbol;
  • military symbols — ship and helmet — x30, x100, x350;
  • Pegasus — x40, x150, x400;
  • Zeus is the most expensive symbol. On a roll of 2 characters, it’s x4, 3 symbols x50, 4 symbols x200, 5 symbols x500.

Particular wild and scatter in Zeus slot:

  1. Wild has the ancient Greek temple symbol. It gives a win on its own but substitutes for any, but the scatter symbols to build a winning combination quickly;
  2. Scatter — the omnipotent hand of Zeus with a lightning bolt — triggers the bonus free spins. 3 scatters give 10 freespins, 4 give 25 and 5 give 100 freespins.

To get these combinations and win, it is essential to study the control panel.

Zeus control panel

For the player to control the game and effectively use all of the game’s features, the provider used a simple control panel. It has 2 modes — C and GB.
The buttons control C mode:

  • Lines — with the + / — buttons the player sets the number of lines — from 1 to 30;
  • Bet / Line — buttons + / — the player increases the stake per line from 0.01 to 5 dollars;
  • the button with an arrow will start a single spin;
  • the double arrow button starts automatic spins.

In GB mode, the Spin buttons appear instead of the Lines and Bet / Line panels. They are numbered and set the spin bet and start the game.
The choice of mode depends on the player’s preference and convenience.
Before starting the game, Zeus player:

  • Sets the number of lines and bet size;
  • Selects the automatic mode or spin one spin manually;
  • Starts the game;
  • When a winning combination in a given line wins.

The potential pay lines must guide a successful bet.


In the online slot machine, Zeus provides 30 pay lines. They come in a variety of shapes — straight, zigzag, V and W. The player can choose from 5 to 30 pay lines.
Winning combinations are counted from left to right on a roll of 2 to 5 of the same symbol.

Min and Max bets

Zeus involves multiple bets on each of the selected lines. The winnings are calculated by multiplying the odds of the combination of bets. The winning of the most expensive sequence in the line is counted.
The minimum bet per line is $0.3, and the maximum per line is $5. Thus, with the highest winning combination (5 Zeus with an x500 multiplier) and a maximum bet of $5, the player wins $5×500 = $2,500.


In the Zeus pokie, coins with various denominations from $0.01 to $5 are used to symbolize the bet. You can set it under Bet / Lines.
If you think it is more likely that one line or the other will win, set a higher coin denomination. For less likely combinations in a line, you can lower the coin denomination.
Be careful when forming your bet. It will help control the bankroll and increase potential winnings.

RTP & Volatility

Zeus RTP varies from 96% to 97%, depending on the source of information. It is an average figure, which allows for good returns. The volatility of the slot is average. It means that the player will need time and a fair amount of betting before winning combinations start to occur.
Some connoisseurs have noted that the number of winning combinations can drop drastically after 1,000 spins.

Zeus slots bonus features

The Zeus slot features a bonus round with a varying number of free spins available. A roll of 3 to 5 scatter symbols — the hand of Zeus — will trigger 10, 25 or 100 free spins.
The round starts automatically. It duplicates the bet and the number of lines, which the player set before the scatter—the reels spin for free. If the scatter combination hits again during the free spins, the bonus round will continue with the updated number of spins received.
During the bonus round, the multipliers of the winnings are x3, x7, x11, x21. When the maximum multiplier is hit, the winnings on the free spins increase manifold.
The number of bonus rounds is not limited. During the game, they can fall out many times.

Tips for players

Take advantage of all the playing features of Zeus slots. The provider has opened 30 lines; you can run bets on 25 of them or reduce the number to 5. Experts recommend choosing a few lines and running them with high stakes. Low bets on all lines can yield lower profits.
Try to catch the most profitable symbols — Zeus and Pegasus. An optimal combination would be 3 Pegasus and wild or 4 Zeus and wild. They will bring the maximum winnings. You will get enough high payouts when matching a wild symbol and 2 Pegasus or 1 Zeus on the same line.
Study the frequency of symbols in the free demo version of the slot to accurately build rates and set the number of lines.

Zeus mobile version — game for Android, iOS, Windows

Williams Interactive software makes it easy to play Zeus online slot on your mobile devices. The technology is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows.
Mobile casinos will gladly provide you with free apps where Zeus is available 24/7 to play for money or for free.


The 5-reel Zeus online pokie has long been a favorite machine for players around the world. Simple controls, plenty of winning combinations allow players to win big, time and time again to trigger free spins with high win multipliers.
Zeus free slot has the most lucrative symbols, the Pegasus and the image of Zeus. The additional scatter and wild trigger a bonus round or replace any character needed to form a winning combination.
Maximum winnings on a single line with a maximum bet can reach $2,500. The slot’s RTP is sufficient for the player to get the optimum payout.
Play Zeus on online casino sites or mobile apps.


Where can I play Zeus for free?

Zeus is available to play without any cash investment in the demo version on our website and other online casino sites. Start the DEMO mode and play for virtual credits. When they run out, refresh the page with the game and continue playing Zeus for free.
The Zeus demo version teaches you to use the control panel, understand the pay lines and multipliers combinations. Try out new winning strategies and test out the frequency of symbols in the demo version before playing for money.

How to win the Zeus slot?

Play the most lucrative multiplier combinations of Zeus and Pegasus. Aim to catch wild symbols in these combinations to increase your winnings.
Take advantage of the bonus round of 10, 25 and 100 free spins. The scatter — a temple — will spin the reels for free with a high win multiplier. Look for scatters inside the bonus round and get new bonus spins for free.

Are there any slots with the same mechanics?

The popularity of Zeus pokies has forced the manufacturer to expand its lineup of similar slots. Zeus II, Zeus III and Great Zeus slot game are now active. They have developed features but retain the structure of 5 reels and 30 lines.
If you’re interested in mythological-themed slots, check out Age Of The Gods, Age of the Gods, Prince of Olympus, Age of the Gods Fate Sisters.

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