50 Lions slots review — biggest winnings, bonus features, and real money games

The African savannah is the setting for the adventures of Simba and the lions, the kings of nature. Start 50 Lions, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by exotic animals, brightly colored flowers and native creatures who bring you luck.
The real breakthrough for Aristocrat in 2011 was the 50 Lions game. This African-themed slot offers players plenty of options for winning on 50 lines. Previously, machines with such a large number of lines did not exist.
With the most profitable combination, the player can increase their winnings by 1,000 times the bet.

How to play 50 lions slot for real money

50 Lions pokie — online slot machine with 5 reels in 4 rows. Provider set at once 50 lines betting the most different configuration. Gamer, without significant restrictions, chooses the number of lines and bet size.
The game introduced wild and scatter symbols with the standard for these icons functions: scatter and free spins.
Due to many lines in a slot, 50 Lions open a lot of options for winning combinations. Each of them has a coefficient. Its lowest values range from 4 to 10. The highest is between 500 and 1,000.
Use the maximum number of lines and high stakes to collect the coveted jackpot—players who collect as many of the same symbols in a line win more.

50 lions symbols and combinations

The savannah is home to a fantastic array of native tribes and hundreds of animal species. Aristocrat has brought out the most iconic symbols that convey the specific beauty of Africa: flowers, singing Africans, acacia trees, diamonds and more.
In the background of the playing field is a sunset over the prairie, majestic giraffes and elephants. The five reels contain the 50 Lions pokies special and regular symbols with various functions and multipliers of their own.
The regular 50 Lions symbols go from the lowest multipliers to the most advantageous:
Cards from 9 to Ace have the lowest multipliers. The player needs to collect 3 to 5 of the same card to get multipliers:

  1. 9 and 10 — x10, x20 and 30, x100;
  2. Jack and queen — x10, x30 and x200;
  3. king and ace — x20, x50 and x400;
  4. acacia and singing women are equal in odds — 3 symbols will bring x20 to the bet amount, 4 symbols — x100, 5 — x400;
  5. Giraffe and zebra will win at 2 consecutive symbols — x4. 3 symbols will get you x40, 4 x150 and 5 will increase your stake by up to 500 times;
  6. The lion is the most favourable symbol. 2 symbols will multiply your bet by 10, 3 will multiply by 40, 4 will multiply by 200. 5 lion symbols will increase your bet by 1,000 times.

50 Lions slot machine special symbols:

  1. The wild, a diamond, will replace any but the scatter symbol in the game to make it easier for you to put together a winning combination. The wild symbol does not appear on the first reel, and its place is on reel 2, 3, 4 and 5;
  2. The scatter, an African protea flower will appear on reel 1, 2 and 3. On a roll of 3 scatters, the player’s winnings at stake increase by 4 times. At the same time, a bonus round of free spins is triggered.

A detailed table of symbols and pay-as-you-go combinations can be found in the help menu.

50 Lions control panel

Following widgets control the 50 Lions online slot gameplay.
Game Start:

  • Lines — The player selects the number of lines, which will participate in the betting. + / — Here, you can increase or decrease the number of lines in increments of 10;
  • Bet Per line — button + / — the player adjusts the number of coins, which will bet on the line. Note that the coins can have various denominations, which must also be set;

Check Bet:

  • Total bet — determines the value of each spin. To do this, multiply the number of active lines and line bets;
  • Win — shows the total winnings on previous bets;

Start of game:

  • Play — starts the spins;
  • Auto — starts the automatic spins. The number of auto spins is regulated with buttons + / -;
  • When the spin ends, you will see the highlighted winning combination, and the winnings will be credited to the game account.

All lines that form winning combinations are reflected in the pay lines table. Depending on your bankroll, make your selection.


There are 50 pay lines. 50 Lions is the first slot with such pay lines. In total, the player gets around 2,000 opportunities to win.
The player can choose 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 35 or 50 lines at once.
The lines are arranged horizontally and diagonally. Symbols repeated on the vertical plane are not considered to be a winning combination.
The combination wins when it is formed from the first reel from right to left. If the mixture starts from the second reel, it is not considered a winning combination.
A minimum number of symbols in combination is 2 for giraffe, zebra and lion, 3 for other characters. Varieties of 5 stamps bring maximal winnings in one line.

Min and Max bets

The minimum and maximum bets in the game will depend on the number of lines you select and the coin value you choose before you spin. The lower the denomination and the number of lines, the lower the bet. The lower limit is $0.01. If you choose the maximum coin denomination and 50 lines, the stake will be $200.
If you win with the highest multipliers and collect all 5 lion symbols at the maximum bet, your winnings will be $2,000.


In the 50 Lions game, only one coin can be placed on each line. However, it can be available in various denominations.
You can set a coin value from $0.01 to $4, and you can allocate your preferred coin denomination to separate lines.
This feature allows you to distribute your bankroll evenly or overweight on whichever lines you deem most likely. Also, the coin denomination will let cautious players play on low limits until future winnings.

RTP & Volatility

The 50 Lions RTP is of just 94.71%. Statistically, slots with an RTP of this level payout winnings more often, but they are small. Thanks to the large number of lines and bonus free spins in 50 lions, the chances of winning increase despite the RTP.
The volatility of 50 Lions game ranges from low to medium. There are many small payouts in numerous winning combinations. Increasing volatility can be helped by choosing a smaller number of lines.
If you prefer not to take risks to choose 50 lions, then the slot allows you to save bankroll and still win.

50 lions slots bonus features

The Scatter symbol, a protea, triggers the bonus round. This is done by matching 3 flowers on the first three reels on one line.
The 50 Lions online bonus is free spins. The first trigger opens up 10 free spins. As you spin, you can win a further 5 free spins.
A nice feature from Aristocrat is that with each free spin, a wild symbol appears on reel 2 and 5. So in the bonus round, a lot of winning combinations are formed.
In 50 lions, there is a risk game. The player is asked to guess the suit and color of the card. The bet will be the player’s entire winnings. If you think the color, your winnings are multiplied by 2. If you guess the suit, your winnings are multiplied by 4. If you don’t, all your winnings are forfeited.
Be vigilant when choosing the risk game. The potential is high, but losing is easy.

Tips for players

Experienced players are reminded that in any slot, you are playing against a random number generator. No matter how plausible it might seem, no strategy can guarantee a 100% certainty of victory.
However, players can control the 50 Lions free slot:

  1. Raise the bet and the number of lines after first winning. Before that, bet small amounts on a small number of lines;
  2. Control the coin denominations, keeping a close eye on the available bankroll;
  3. Play with freespins;
  4. Limit the number of risk games per session. Conduct them when the winnings are minimal.

Focus your play on enjoying the process, not on winning. 50 lions are sure to bring you luck.

50 lions mobile version — game for Android, iOS, Windows

Aristocrat slots have migrated from land-based casinos to online and from there to mobile gadgets. Mobile casino apps allow you to play 50 lions from anywhere in the world around the clock.
50 Lions slot game run on iOS and Android devices. The slot retains the control panel and bonus round. Playing 50 lions on mobile is safe and accessible to every Australian.


Travel across the African savannah and meet its excellent representatives in Aristocrat 50 lions online slot. This first online slot with 50 pay lines is an impressive way to win.
The lion symbol brings out the maximum payout. It will multiply your bet by 1,000 on a roll of 5 characters. Free spins are awarded to the scatter symbol and scatter guarantees extra symbols in a winning combination.
Play 50 lions on a low or high limit depending on your preferred strategy, enjoy winning combinations and a growing account.


Where can I play 50 lions for free?

Every other online casino offers a 50 Lions demo. This version does not need to pay for spins. The casino provides free betting credits. Play for free and learn the pay lines, winning combinations and frequency of symbols. It will help reduce the risks when playing 50 lions for real money.

How to win the 50 lions slot?

Play with minimum bets on a medium amount of lines until you start to win. Increase your stake and lines as you progress in the game.
Use the bonus rounds to multiply your winnings, and do not abuse the risk games.

Are there any slots with the same mechanics?

50 Lions free pokie has become popular, and now Aristocrat is releasing new games with 50 pay lines, like 50 Dragons. 50 Lines offers slots from other providers — Shinings Trio, The Inferno, Clash Of Pirates, The Lava Land, Pirate Treasures, etc.

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