First Deposit

First Deposit Free Spins Casino Bonuses Welcome Bonuses
Get 150% up to $3,000 + 50 Free Spins
First Deposit Free Spins Casino Bonuses Welcome Bonuses
1st deposit: 100% up to 2,000 AUD Bonus + 200 FS + 30 no deposit Free Spins
First Deposit Free Spins Casino Bonuses Welcome Bonuses
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First Deposit Free Spins Casino Bonuses Welcome Bonuses
Welcome Bonus up to 125% Bonus + 25 Free Spins
First Deposit Free Spins Casino Bonuses Welcome Bonuses
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First Deposit Free Spins Casino Bonuses Welcome Bonuses
Get a 100% Welcome Bonus up to $200 + 200 Free Spins In Book Of Dead On Your First Deposit
First Deposit Welcome Bonuses
100% bonus up to $100 on your First Deposit
First Deposit Welcome Bonuses
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First Deposit Welcome Bonuses
150% Deposit Match Bonus After First Deposit
First Deposit Free Spins Casino Bonuses
100% Sign Up Bonus + 200 Free Spins

Casinos are gaining wide acceptance by people. The reason behind this is the mouth-watering bonuses casinos now offer to players. One of such bonuses is the first deposit bonus. As a newly registered player of an online casino, your first deposit is appreciated with this payback.

The need to give rewards to players in the house is inevitable by the banker. The casino games have become so competitive that players will consider the offers before playing. As such, each banker of both online casinos and land-based casinos offers bonuses to players.

Therefore, understanding what is a first deposit bonus casino will help you to adequately maximize the bonus. Not only that, this article will help you understand the different types of this reward. Also, this piece answered frequently asked questions on this casino reward.

What is the First Deposit Bonus?

A first deposit bonus is simply a reward given to an online casino player after making his first payment. The reward is given to newly registered players after creating an account and making real money input likewise. This first-time deposit reward is a one-time reward for every casino player.

Often, online casinos give this reward based on the IP address of the device. The mobile device can either be an Android, an iPhone, or your PC. Therefore, it is possible someone might have claimed the bonus with that device. As such, it is impossible for a player registering with the same device to get the reward. This is an attempt to curb multiple registrations and reward claims.

Likewise, there are set requirements that must be met before claiming the first-time deposit reward. Sometimes, a particular amount may be decided as criteria to be eligible for the payback. On the other hand, some casinos only offer payback based on the wager of the players. You, therefore, need to understand what are the requirements that make you eligible for this reward.

First deposit bonuses are added to the available balance of a player after making a real money input. However, this payback cannot be withdrawn from the account. A player cannot initiate a cash-out with the reward given. Instead, the house intends to increase your bankroll and your stake in any chosen game.

Is There a Difference Between a Welcome Bonus and a First Deposit Bonus?

The majority of Casino and casino players don’t distinguish between welcome reward and first deposit bonus. Whereas, there is a slight difference between the two terms. A welcome bonus is given for signing up with the house. The first deposit bonus is given only when you make your first payment to start your play.

One major difference between the two bonuses that one requires code while the other may not. The welcome bonus at times comes with a code to claim the reward. Meanwhile, for the deposit reward, no code is required.

The welcome bonus is the first reward any casino player will come across. This might sometimes come in the form of a freebie or a free spin. This gives you the chance to try out some games without a payment. However, there is a need to wager a particular amount before you can initiate a withdrawal.

On the other hand, the deposit payback can only be claimed when a money input is made. It is a reward given for making your first deposit and getting ready to play. Sometimes, the reward is a particular percentage of the deposit made. It can be 100% of the input and can also have a limit.

How to be Eligible For a First Deposit Bonus

To be eligible for the best first-time bonus requires you to fulfill the needed requirement for the reward. You need to know that making a deposit alone is not the criteria for the reward. There are terms and conditions for this reward. The following are basic steps to follow to claim your starting deposit reward;

Create an account in the house

Before starting as an online casino player. There is a need to sign up on the online platform. This can be done through the flash casino or the instant casino platform. The creation of an account requires you to submit your name and some other information. The details submitted will make up your profile on the online casino platform.

Read the terms and conditions for the first deposit bonus

There are terms and conditions you need to satisfy before you can be eligible for the reward. Reading and knowing these terms are therefore important. Only when you understand the required criteria, you can then judge if you meet the requirements or not. Most importantly, you must identify the minimum deposit to be eligible for the payback reward.

Make your deposit

After you might have understood the terms and conditions applicable to the reward. You can then go ahead to make your first payment. The reward as stated by the T&C might be 100%,200%, or even 300%. After then, the bonus will be added to your balance as soon as the deposit is done.

What Does the First Deposit Bonus Look Like?

Understanding what the first deposit looks like helps you to identify the best first deposit bonus. It is a particular percentage of your first payment given to you as a reward. It can be seen in the cashier section of your account where you have your balance displayed. The amount of the reward is displayed in the bonus section of the cashier.

For instance, assuming a casino house offers a 100% payback on every initial deposit up to $500. This means that you will receive a payback of the same amount as your deposit as a reward. However, this bonus can not go beyond $500. That is, any real money input of more than $500 will only receive a payback of $500 despite the amount.

On this note, if you input $100 as your bankroll, you will receive a payback of $100 as your first input reward. Therefore your cashier section will display $100 in your main account. Meanwhile, in a separate account tagged bonus account, you will have another $100. This reward will be released into your main account as you start staking with your main account.

Let’s also assume the condition is a 200% payback of up to $500. When you input $100, you will have a bonus of $200. That is, your main account will display $100 while the bonus account will display $200. The $200 in your bonus account will be released to the main account as you stake on games.

What are the different types of first deposit bonuses?

Although, the first deposit bonus most times takes the form of a cash deposit. Other types of this reward can be given to a new player also. The different types of first deposit bonuses include the match-up reward, the free spin, the cashable reward, and the non-cashable reward.

In some cases, a poker house can offer you both a match-up bonus and free spin at the same time. However, the majority only offers match-up bonuses while free spins are given for small money input. Each of the bonuses is further explained below. With this, you will be able to decide what is the best first deposit bonus.

Match up first deposit bonus

The match-up first-time payment reward is the major form of a first deposit bonus. It is the reward that takes the form of a cash deposit however reflected in the bonus account. It is given as a percentage of the real money input you make into your cashier. This reward can be used to increase your stake and bankroll.

Free spin first deposit bonus

Most times, this is compensation for players with a low first-time deposit. On the other hand, it may be given alongside a match-up reward for a whale deposit. It allows you to carry out several spins for free, usually between 10 and 100. Also, a free spin offer may be tied to a particular game in the lobby.

Cashable first deposit bonus

A cashable first payment bonus as the name implies can be withdrawn along with the winning. That is, after staking with the reward, you can cash out the reward alongside your winning. For example, when you stake with a bonus of $100 and you win $200. You can make a withdrawal of $300 which is the addition of the reward and the winning.
Non-cashable first deposit bonus
A non-cashable first payment bonus is simply the opposite of a cashable reward. That is, you cannot claim the reward with the winning. You can only make a withdrawal of your winning alone. When you stake with a reward of $100 and you win $200. You can then cashout the winning which is $200.


A first deposit bonus is a compensation from the casino house to a casino player. It is a form of encouragement to keep you active in the casino game. Aside from this, it as well portrays the loyalty of the house to their new players

However, understanding the details of the first-time payment reward as explained in this article is important. With it, you can easily identify if you are eligible for the reward or not. Likewise, you can identify which one is the best first deposit bonus. This article as well can serve as your guide to maximizing your reward.

Finally, the first deposit bonus can be either a match-up reward or a free spin. It can as well be cashable or non-cashable. However, whichever form it takes, it can only be claimed through staking. This reward can not be cash out independently.


New folks in the casino house always have a lot of questions to ask. They tend to ask questions on the first deposit bonus too. Some of the questions are addressed below;

Is the first deposit bonus free?

To some extent, first deposit bonus casinos can be said to be free. This is because you didn’t pay or compete to receive it. However, there is a need to satisfy a condition to be eligible for it. This condition is not in any way a payment for the reward. Normally, you are meant to make a real money input if you are going to play in a casino.

Is it safe to use a first deposit bonus?

Using a first deposit bonus is as safe as using your bankroll. The reward is not in any way a bait. It is a reward for your input and you should be glad to use it.

How do I find the best first deposit bonus in Australia?

Finding the best first deposit bonus in Australia starts with you choosing the best house. There are distinctions in the offer given by different casino houses. Choosing the best house is simply choosing the experience.

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